Frequently Asked Questions

What is nicotine salt (nic salt)?

Nicotine salt is a different formulation of nicotine.It is a combination of an acidic molecule (benzoic acid) with a basic molecule (nicotine) to form a compound that is pH stable. Having a stable pH greatly reduces the throat hit when vaping higher nicotine concentrations. A 25mg salt nic liquid will provide approximately the same throat hit as a freebase 3-6mg. It is VERY important to note that high concentration Salt Nic eliquids (18/25/45mg) should ONLY be vaped in low wattage devices (less than 20W or pod systems). Low concentration salt nic(1.5-12mg) can be vaped with any device.

Which Ratio would you recommend for your E-liquids?

We recommend 70%VG/30%PG for regular tanks and 50%VG/50%PG for pod systems!

Do your eliquids contain diacetyl?

While most of our liquids have not been tested for diacetyl content, we are very confident our eliquids do not contain any via the transparency of our flavouring suppliers. Since we only use top-tier flavouring suppliers, we have access to the flavour MSDS and molecular composition sheets. None of the flavourings used currently have any diacetyl!
We are looking into having some flavours tested in the future.

Do your eliquids contain Vitamin E Acetate?

Absolutely not! 

Is the 19+ signature mandatory?

Yes. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule! As per our Terms Of Services and Refund policy, all sales are final!

To make this very clear: IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AND WILL NOT BE REFUNDED OR BE ABLE TO PERFORM A CHARGEBACK! Our payment processor is aware of this and will side with us! ALL chargebacks initiated by underage purchases were successfully contested!

We consider a returned undelivered order shipped with age verification an underage sale unless the customer can prove without a doubt he is over 19 years old!

The age of majority in my province is 18, will you still send with 19+ verification ?

Our system automatically uses the appropriate age depending on the province of delivery. If your province requires you to be 18+, the signature requirement will be changed from 19+ to 18+!

Do I need to be home when my order is delivered to sign?

No. If you are not available to sign for the package, Canada Post will leave a stub for you to pickup the order at the nearest post office.

I need to modify my order!

Unfortunately with the current Shopify system we use, we cannot edit orders!
If the order has not shipped yet, use the contact form to request a modification/ cancellation! We cannot guarantee any modification since we usually process orders fast!
If the order has already shipped, we are sorry but there is nothing we can do!

Why hasn't my order shipped yet??

Please pay attention to the order processing delay shown on the top left of the page. While we do our best to ship orders on the same day, we sometimes need a little bit of extra time! We also do not process orders on weekends!

I was double/triple/quadruple charged on my Credit/Visa Debit Card! How come?

Credit card orders are screened for security by the payment processor. Every time you receive a decline while trying to place an order, a temporary charge is placed on thecard. This charge will not be captured and the funds will be released within a few business days. 
Please note that this is completely out of our control and is managed by your financial institution.

I did not receive a confirmation email!

There are 2 possible scenarios for this:

1 - Please check your spam folder!
2 - You most probably received a decline when trying to place your order. A pop-up should have appeared when placing the order. Please disable pop-up blocking on your browser if you do not view pop-ups. Since the transaction was declined, the order was not processed. If your credit card was charged even if no order confirmation was received, refer to question "I was double/triple/quadruple charged on my Credit/Visa Debit Card! How come?" just above.

I received a tracking number via email, but the link says the tracking number is invalid?

It is normal for the tracking number to be shown as invalid until Canada Post scans the parcel. This usually occurs after 5pm on weekdays!

I placed an order Friday after 1h30pm/Saturday/Sunday. Why hasn't my order shipped already?

Our cutoff time for order processing is set to 1h30pm on weekdays. This allows us to have all orders ready for pickup when Canada Post picks up the parcels.
Canada Post does not operate on weekends, therefore any order placed after 1h30pm on a Friday will only be picked up by Canada Post the next Monday!

Canada Post has marked my package as delivered but it hasn't arrived!

We have noticed a trend when Canada Post marks a package as delivered when it is not the case. Please allow 24hrs for the package to arrive. If the package has still not arrived, please contact us with your order number and we will open a ticket with Canada Post.

Canada Post did not respect the time frame allocated for delivering the product, can I get a refund on shipping?

Unfortunately we do not currently track nor request refunds from Canada Post for delayed delivery. This would be too time consuming and cause unnecessary overhead. We are working toward a solution to be able to offer partial refunds for late delivery!

Why do I have to pay to have the order reshipped if it was returned to you?

When shipping an item out, we pay to have the package transported from our warehouse to your door. When the package gets returned to us for any reason, we are charged for shipping the item from you to us! Every option selected for shipping the item to you (Xpresspost, 19+ verification...) is also applied to that return shipment to us. We are therefore charged 2x for that shipment! Since we already subsidize 40% of the shipping, can you easily see that this is very costly. We understand mistakes happen, so we are willing to accept paying the cost of the return shipment to us!